Roaster's Notes

This coffee is a lower density bean which requires a gentle application of heat and a moderate level of roasting to bring out the full body and nutty sweetness.

Flavour Description

Bold with notes of dark chocolate & a roasted nut finish.

Soppexcca, Nicaragua

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Soppexxca was established in 1997 and serves over 650 producers in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua.

“Recognition of Unpaid Women’s Work” is an initiative that was started in Nicaragua in 2008 at a sesame producing co-operative called Juan Francisco Pas Silva in Achuapa, Nicaragua. It was organized initially by our friend and colleague, Nick Hoskyns, of Etico, an Ethical Trading Company in Nicaragua that supports Just Us! in maintaining regular contact with our producer-partners there Prodecoop and Soppexcca.

This intitiative designates 20 cents per pound of coffee to be paid in recognition of all the domestic and farm-related work that women contribute to the farming household but are never accounted for in the costs of coffee production. These funds are used to support women’s initiatives within co-ops like Prodecoop and Soppexcca.

In the case of Soppexcca, where this coffee is sourced, the money supports the development of a worker co-operative that has been organized to support the many women that work at the coffee mill drying, raking, and packing coffee in the hot sun. It is a critical aspect of coffee production but is often overlooked by producer co-ops that are typically focused on producer needs.

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