Seogwang Sencha Spring

Originated from the Jeju-do Island, a small paradise located not far from the South Korean peninsula, that excellent Sencha is the combination of the know-how of producers of Korean and Japanese teas.

Flavour Description

 Its very herbaceous and fruity flavour, highlighted with a hint of green pistachip delicately envelopes the palate. Luminous, bright yellow and fresh liquor for a unique moment!


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Green tea* 100%. *Organic farming product.

Seogwang Tea Garden

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South Korea / Jeju-do

The Seogwang tea garden was founded in 1984. It is located on Jeju-do Island, 90 kilometers off the southern tip of the South Korean peninsula. This island is dominated by Hallasan volcano which is fortunately lulled into inactivity by a subtropical climate with heavy rainfalls and cool air. Tea bushes flourish across 53 hectares of fertile volcanic soil. Certified for its environmental and quality policies (HACCP, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001), the tea factory produces strong vegetal flavoured organic teas in the Japanese style.

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