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Let the healing power of spices take control in this wonderful blend. South African rooibos and liquorice spices will leave you feeling as rejuvenated as if ancestral African spirits had cast a spell on you. A truly extraordinary blend which can be enjoyed at any time, hot or cold...bewitching!

Flavour Description

Travel to the heart of South African tribes and traditions, this wonderful drink is a blend of rooibos and spices (good for the digestive system) with a flavour of anise. A refreshing drink, very light in taste, it can be enjoyed at any moment, hot or cold.



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Rooibos* 76%, spices 24% (anise*, fennel*, cumin*, coriander*). *From organic farming.
Rooibos: Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Total 76%.

Wupperthal and Heiveld Cooperatives

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South Africa

Wupperthal is a peaceful community of small rooibos producers located in the arid Cederberg mountains in the Western Cape Province. Founded in 1830 by German missionaries, it is better known today for its various rooibos associations. Previously, countless South Africans have been dispossessed of their land. In a handful of small communities such as Wupperthal, plots of land had been allocated to families for small-scale farming. The sandy, acidic soil gives rooibos a strong and sunny flavor.

Heiveld is another rooibos cooperative from South Africa. They are located on the Suid Bokkeveld plateau, a region renowned for its profusion of rare wildflowers. The cooperative consists of 47 members and includes descendants of the Koi and San nomadic tribes. The Heiveld coop was formed to create sustainable livelihoods for these previously marginalised people. The income from rooibos sales, fairly redistributed, plays an important part in the improvement of their daily lives and economic independence.

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