Kivu Congo

Kivu Congo



Producers in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo struggled for decades without markets for their coffee, resorting to dangerous smuggling routes across Lake Kivu to barter for food and necessities. Since 2008, SOPACDI has been exporting coffee, helping to revive the reputation of the region as a source for outstanding washed Arabicas. This successful co-op brings together over 7450 farmers across ethnic lines, working in solidarity to bring prosperity to their region.


Vibrant with hibiscus & blackberry.


This coffee spends as little time in the roaster as can be possibly managed, contributing to its intense fruit and floral flavours that are equally reminiscent of a fruit tea as they are of coffee.


Farmer: Multiple Smallholder Farmers
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Region: South Kivu
Community: MinovaCo-op: SOPACDI
Altitude: 1460 to 1900m
Process: Washed & Sundried
Varietal: Bourbon