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May is Fair Trade Month

Grab a bag of Colombian, 15% off when you order online! Authentic fair trade is a topic we’re truly passionate about, this is our way of thanking you for your support!

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Just Us! Coffee Roasters


Our beans are roasted to-order by and for passionate coffee-lovers. At home, in a café, or at our roastery, Just Us! is the coffee for aficionados.


Our producer-partners are small scale farmer co-ops who sell the world’s best beans to us. People who enjoy our coffee enjoy their care and craft.


When our customers choose Just Us!, their investment stays in Canada and with farmers in the Global South, fostering equality and growth.


We support grassroots organizations, plant the seeds of justice at our coffee’s origin, and weave positive impact into what we sell.


Our coffee is shade-grown to nurture the soil without machines or chemicals. Our products are certified organic for you and the planet.

Limited Release

Enjoying any Just Us! coffee is already a vote for small producers and authentic fair trade, organic excellence, and a business owned by its workers. By selecting one of our special-initiatives blends, bring the world’s best coffee as well as directed social impact into your daily ritual:

Bolaven Plateau
Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau


Colombian Geisha - Reserve
Colombian Geisha - Reserve

Colombian Geisha - Reserve


Jaguar - Reserve
Jaguar - Reserve

Jaguar - Reserve





About Us

As a worker-owned co-op made by and for people who love coffee, we’ve put people and planet first since 1995. Our home is more than a roastery: we’re a point of exchange between the Global South and Global North. When you enjoy fresh-roasted Just Us! coffee, you join in a circle of empowered partners who work towards positive social impact and community well-being.

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Thank you!

In a world full of convenient drive-thrus and mass-produced, large-scale industry coffee, we appreciate that you've taken the time to be with us. We’re thrilled you appreciate us and our small-producer farmers.

Coffee-lovers like you have helped us brew a better world one cup at a time for 25 years.

We know you really, really love your coffee—and you’ve invited us into your home, into your day, and into your café and shops . Thanks for that, and for being part of our extended family.

—The Just Us! Co-op Team

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