Our Co-op

We have been a worker co-op since our founding in 1995. From our baristas and roasters to our managers and administrators, everyone who works at Just Us! can be member-owners, as inspired by the small producer farm co-ops we partner with in the Global South. This democratic foundation underpins our social, environmental, and economic impact.

With voluntary, open membership, co-op owners access:

  1. A democratic voice in the direction of Just Us!
  2. Economic participation in our growth
  3. Autonomy and independence as a co-operative
  4. Education, training and information
  5. Experience building cooperation among cooperatives
  6. A community mindset
We believe that in business, people and planet should come first—and our success is proof that it can. As we grow, we are proud to return a portion of our profit to our non-member workers, worker-members, and producer-partners.