Sweet with raspberry jam & praline


Discover the enchanting story of the Cálix family, who transformed an abandoned farm in Sigamane into a thriving paradise! In 2008, Melvin and his mother acquired land that had previously been used to farm orange, tangerine and coffee. With a lot of hard work, they built a small house and took over the maintenance of the farm, aptly named for the Grevillea flowers that flourish there. Victorina Calix is well known for her love of gardening, and takes pride in decorating their home with these beautiful flowers.

In 2013, after challenges with leaf rust, they began renovating the farm and embraced organic farming practices. Melvin is now certified by Mayacert and partnered with COMSA, and is committed to improving the environment while producing high quality organic coffee.


Farmer: Melvin Mauricio Cálix

Country: Honduras

Region: La Paz

Community: Sigamane

Co-op: COMSA

Altitude: 1248m

Process: Washed

Varietals: Icatu, Lempira and Catuai