Bag Return and Packaging

We are working on finding the most beneficial way to ensure our bags are recycled with the least impact on the environment. Until we find a solution we are satisfied with, all returned Just Us! Coffee Bags are being kept in storage, awaiting their recycling future.

We also continue to look for packaging that is 100% “really” biodegradable and does not contain genetically modified plant plastics or products that would otherwise be used as food. However, these biodegradable products must also be able to maintain the freshness and quality that our customers expect from us.

To return your empty Just Us! Coffee Bags, please drop them off during opening hours to either of our Just Us! Coffeehouses in Grand Pré and Wolfville.

We are looking at expanding our drop off points in the future as well as more local and more effective methods of repurposing or recycling our bags.

If you have any further inquiries regarding our recycling program, please feel free to contact us.

Please check out the story by CBC regarding bag return with our General Manager Joey Pittoello.